Careers in Human Services

Human services is a very broad field that stems from a single concept: helping people. If you’re driven by compassion and seek the kind of satisfaction that can only come from helping others, a career in human services may be the answer for you.

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Social work is most commonly associated with human services, but this field encompasses a long list of careers, each with its own distinct approach, philosophy, and clientel. The first step in determining which path is right for you is to consider who you want to help (minorities, children, women, elderly, military, disabled, LGBTQ+), the area on which you want to focus (substance abuse, PTSD, physical abuse, disaster relief, poverty, urban, rural), and the ways in which you want to help people (mentally, emotionally, physically). Understanding where your passion lies will help you narrow down your career options. To learn more about specific careers in human services, scroll down to the list below.




The next step is to earn a college degree. The key to success is figuring out which degree will not only qualify you for a position, but is also the best fit for you and your wants and needs. Below is a list of articles where you can learn more about human services degrees.