Frequently Asked Questions in Human Services

1. What is the Human Services sector?

Human Services refers to any agency or program which works to aid human beings in some capacity. Ranging from private mental health practices, to governmental agencies like the Department of Human Services and Non-Profit organizations like the American Red Cross.

2. What is the Role of a Human Services Worker?

The Role of the Human Services Worker is to perform their job function within their Human Services agency to aid their clients. Depending on the job a Human Services worker might do many different tasks but all of them will have the end goal of meeting the individual needs of their client. For example, an eligibility worker will work with their client to gain rapport and determine eligibility for programs such as Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program or Medicaid.

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3. What characteristics make a good Human Services Worker?

A good Human Services Worker will require mental and emotional fortitude, attention to detail, strong interpersonal skills and an innate desire to help their fellow human beings. Being a Human Services worker is a challenging and rewarding job which at its heart is about expressing an inner desire to help your fellow human beings.

4. What Education do I need to work in Human Services?

Depending on what kind of career path you are looking at you will need to attain different levels of education. Some very solid choices are Bachelor/Master/Doctor of Social Work, Bachelor/Master/Doctor of Psychology, Bachelor/Master/Doctor of Counseling, and Bachelor/Master/Doctor of Human Services. There are other useful degrees to attain but the above are some very solid degrees to look at as you journey towards a career in Human Services.

5. What is the best way to find the right education program for me?

Determining your educational path is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Here at, we take education seriously. You can find helpful articles on a wide variety of Human Services careers along with a recommending accredited schools in your area or online programs that fit your schedule.

6. Where do Human Services Workers work?

Human Services workers will find employment in a variety of agencies. There are three main branches of human services agencies. These are the Governmental, Private Sector and Non-profit sectors. Within each of these sectors exists a wide variety of organizations. From hospitals, to private practice mental health agencies, to governmental departments, schools and local non-profits, human services workers have a vast array of potential employers.

7. What type of employer hires Human Services Workers?

A wide variety of employers hire Human Services workers. In most states, one of their largest agencies is the Department of Human Services which has many different positions it will be looking to fill. Schools have need of vocational counselors and School Social Workers. Many hospitals have positions for Medical Social Workers. One can also become self employed as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker or a Marriage and Family Counselor setting up your own practice. There are dozens of agencies and departments that are hiring Human Services workers at any given time.

8. What is the average salary of a Human Services Worker?

Salaries in Human Services vary greatly depending on job titles and duties, experience and academic background. The salary range is quite large and can go from $30,000 as an eligibility worker to $77,080 as a Human Services Administrator. While wages vary, many human services jobs have very competitive salaries and excellent benefit packages. Here at, we have complied a list of careers and their relevant salary ranges.

9. Where can I work with a specific degree?