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What is the Mission of HumanServicesEDU.org?

Human services in practice is driven by a sense of humanity, but there’s so much more to it than simple charity. Behind it is a philosophy that understands that by helping individuals overcome trying circumstances we contribute to a thriving and successful society. Human services is as much about the collective as it is about the individuals it serves.

That same philosophy runs through HumanServicesEDU.org. We work to contribute to the entire human services field and all the people it serves by helping individual students and professionals find the information they need to make smart decisions about education options and career opportunities.

The mission here at HumanServicesEDU.org is a simple one: To help light the path for students and professionals looking to begin or advance careers in human services.

Using civic engagement, health promotion, education, vocational training and a good measure of well-directed charity, the human services field comprises the networks of efficient systems designed to appropriate resources and services to the people in our communities struggling the most.

Just as the mission of the human services sector is to ensure people have access to basic necessities so they can begin taking charge of their own lives, HumanServicesEDU.org is here to give anybody interested in the field all the resources necessary to decide on a career path and take the steps necessary to get there.

HumanServicesEDU.org is here to help.

Why is HumanServicesEDU.org Such an Important Resource?

Maybe a better question is, “Why is HumanServicesEDU.org the only resource you’ll need?”

The answer is simple: You won’t find a resource this comprehensive anywhere else. It’s all here, including:

Education Guides – The degree options relevant to a career in human services are as diverse as the field itself. Social workers, counselors, psychologists, and public health professionals, all take a different educational path into their careers. And when you consider the many specialized areas of practice – whether it’s addiction or behavioral health counseling, gerontological or childhood issues, non-profit administration or advanced generalist practice – you’ll also find a series of different focus areas that can be added to these degree programs.

Our education guides provide answers to all your questions about degree options and the careers they align with.

State-by-State Licensing Guides – Dealing with people at their most vulnerable requires skilled counselors and social workers who have been thoroughly trained and carefully vetted. This means human services operates within a strict regulatory environment, and regulations mean licensing and other credentialing requirements.

The tricky part comes with the fact that every state has independent social work and psychology licensing boards, and all these boards have slight variations on the requirements for licensing. If you’ve ever attempted to read through the revised code where your state buries the details on licensing requirements, then you know it almost takes a law degree to make sense of the legal jargon. We’ve got the solution here with our state-by-state licensing guides, which put all the information you need on a single page with simple step-by-step instructions in language that is clear and to the point.

Curated Lists of the Best Degree Programs – It takes experts to evaluate degree programs, identify the most important features, compare prices between hundreds of options, and make recommendations based on value and quality. New students are automatically at a disadvantage by the very fact that they are new to the field and don’t quite know what to look for. This makes choosing a degree little more than a guessing game for most students. Until now.

We combed through all the options out there at every level and in every area – from associate’s degrees in human services to master’s in social work – to create carefully curated lists of the accredited programs we feel are worth your time and money. We have the expertise to make meaningful evaluations of the education options out there, and invested the hours it takes to pick out the very best, identify the information you need, and organize it all in a way that makes it easy to understand.

Career Profiles – Human services is full of different professions, and just about all of them overlap, at least to some extent. This very fact is what helps ensure the different needs of people receiving social services don’t go unnoticed. A little overlap provides full coverage.

This, however, also makes it difficult to understand the unique role of each professional, and the precise education and licensing it takes to enter the various professions. Our career profiles eliminate all of the haziness and outline each profession in detail, from daily duties to credentialing requirements to salary expectations.

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