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what is child advocacy?

What Is Child Advocacy?

What Is Child Advocacy? One of the most meaningful things a social worker can do is become an advocate for those who are unable to speak for themselves. Nowhere is this need more clear than in the case of children …

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what is human services?

What Is Human Services? Careers and Professions

What Is a Human Services Profession? If you are looking to start a profession that will make an impact on the community around you, a career in human services could be the perfect path for you. Civic-minded, responsible people who …

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What is Mindfulness?

What is Mindfulness? What is mindfulness? Mindfulness, simply defined, is consciously being aware of your current state of being. Practice is necessary to get used to being fully present because it is easy to get swept away in the hustle …

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helping the homeless

Helping the Homeless

Helping people who are experiencing homelessness is a noble and worthy endeavor, and people who choose to devote their lives to ending homelessness may do so through volunteer work and advocacy or by building a career out of their calling. …

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causes of homelessness

Causes of Homelessness

The homelessness crisis is an issue that affects communities nationwide, with populations of unhoused people struggling to get by in virtually every community in the country. While it’s certainly by no means a new problem, homelessness is only continuing to …

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social effects of drug abuse on society

Social Effects of Drug Abuse on Society

A sad reality of contemporary life is that drug abuse occurs at tremendously high rates, impacting not only individuals who suffer from addiction but those around them as well. The social effects of drug abuse on society are wide-reaching, with …

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effects of drugs on mental health

Effects of Drugs on Mental Health

One of the greatest health crises of our time is the widespread prevalence of addiction. Whether it be alcoholism, misusing pharmaceuticals, or taking illegal substances, people are abusing drugs in huge numbers. In 2020, the National Survey on Drug Use …

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