Sociological Survey Researcher

The Sociological Survey Researcher works for governments, nonprofits, the media, political groups or private organizations such as consulting firms to help research and analyze behavior and opinions. This kind of research can be used to evaluate candidates or current political figures to determine their image in the eyes of the public. It can also be used to facilitate advertising and marketing efforts of corporations.

Public policy and public debates are often both studied and influenced by sociological surveys and resultant research. Many people do not realize what a tremendous impact the Sociological Survey Researcher has on their lives. From advertising campaigns that are flawlessly targeted at them as a consumer, to public policy proposals that take their opinion into account as a survey respondent, the Sociological Survey Research impacts the average person far more often than they realize.

Some of the means and methods of the sociological researcher can include:

  • Mail-based surveys
  • Telephone survey interviews
  • Direct personal survey interviews
  • Web based opinion surveys
  • Longitudinal research design studies
  • Cross-sectional research design studies
  • Successive independent sample studies

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Education to Join the Sociological Survey Workforce

Depending on the career a Sociological Survey Researcher wishes to pursue, the required education varies. In most cases, employers are looking for candidates with a minimum of a Master’s of Sociology with an emphasis on the creation of studies and surveys and/or Sociological research in their academic careers.

How Sociology Survey Researcher Helps People

The Sociological Survey Researcher services fellow human beings through a diverse number of channels. One of the most impactful to their fellow human beings is by helping inform them of the political viability of various candidates or proposals. This information is then used by political groups to zero in on how they can better present their particular message or to energize their political base. While many do not like politics there is no question as to the impact politics has on society. People are also serviced by Sociological Survey Researchers helping to create public policy by determining what the most important issues are to a specific community. There are many ways that a career as a Sociological Survey Researcher can service members of their community.

The Impacts a Sociological Survey Researchers Have on Society

The impact of Sociological Survey Researchers on society is massive and difficult to overstate. From impacting political discourse and determining which candidates are most viable in the eyes of the public, to helping to determine which issues are most important to various electorate groups, the Sociological Survey Researcher has a huge impact on their society. The Sociological Survey Researcher also helps corporations to develop advertising and marketing campaigns to influence consumers, which in turn has a large impact on the economy which impacts many levels of society.

Impact at the Individual Level
The impact on the individual is actually quite large although the mechanisms through which the individuals are impacted by the Sociological Survey Researcher might be more hidden from the view of the individual. From advertising, to political candidates and public policies, the individual is impacted by the Sociological Survey Researcher whether they directly participate in various surveys and studies set up by the researcher or not.

Family Level
The Sociological Survey Researcher can impact the family in many different ways. From the Sociological Survey Researcher who helps develop studies on the impact of public health policies, to the Sociological Survey Researcher who designs marketing directed at families for family friendly products, the Sociological Survey Researcher has an often invisible, but usually profound impact on the lives of families. All of these impacts are in addition to those that impact society and the individual as listed above.

Salary Range of a Sociology Survey Researcher

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics states that positions requiring a Master’s degree offer a median annual wage of: $59.740 (2021)

2022 US Bureau of Labor Statistics salary and employment figures for Sociology Survey Researcher reflect national data, not school-specific information. Conditions in your area may vary. Data accessed May 2023.