About: The School Social Worker Career

The School Social Worker has a special place in the educational system. Their primary responsibility is working with students who are having difficulties at home or in the classroom. The School Social Worker acts as both a counselor and an advocate for the troubled student. They start by gaining rapport with the child and then make an assessment of the psycho-social makeup of the child. Once assessed the School Social Worker provides a diagnosis of any behavioral disabilities the Child may have. Once a diagnosis is made the Social Worker makes recommendations on ways to improve their home or school environment to make sure the child’s needs are met. The School Social Worker is expected to keep detailed case paperwork on each student and to provide periodic re-evaluations of the child. Any remedial measures the child needed can then be adjusted based on re-evaluations.

How this Job Serves Human Beings

By intervening with students who are having behavioral difficulties in schools the School Social Worker provides a valuable service to the educational system. In addition to their huge impact on the troubled youth, the School Social Worker also helps their peers and teachers. The School Social Worker has a tremendously positive impact on both the individual and the school system

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Impact on Society

The School Social Worker has a measurable impact on society. They cause many beneficial effects, including but not limited to:

  • Improved test scores
  • Improved classroom and school environment
  • Reduction in juvenile crime rates
  • Reduction of stress in the school system

For the child who is acting out in their classroom, the School Social Worker can have an immediate and lasting impact on their life. By establishing rapport and helping the child to communicate their needs, the School Social Worker gives the child a chance to have a voice in the school system. Often troubled children have tremendous emotional pain and this comes out in the form of disruptive behavior. To have a caring adult who can give them the one on one time they need to gain trust enough to express their emotions, is a profound gift to give to the child. Through understanding, patience and expertise, the School Social Worker helps to create a structure of support and a healthy environment for the child to grow and flourish.

For the family of the troubled student, the intervention and expertise of the School Social Worker is an invaluable tool in the creation of a healthy home environment. Often parents who are busy with work and adult responsibilities have trouble understanding why their child is behaving the way they are. In some cases, the parents may simply not have the understanding of how they can reinforce positive behaviors and create the structure their child needs for healthy boundaries. The School Social Worker can provide families with the knowledge they need to help their child be happy and successful.

Education to Join the Workforce

To become a School Social Worker you will be required to have a Master’s degree in Counseling, Social Work, Child Development, Psychology or a closely related field.

Range of Salaries for this Job

The nationwide salary range for a School Social Worker is from: $32,080 to $62,200.

What’s Next to Pursue this Career?

To get started on your career as a School Social Worker you will need to first attain a Bachelor’s degree in a Behavioral Sciences field such as Psychology, Sociology, Social Work or Child Development. Then you will need to acquire a Master’s degree in Counseling, Social Work, Child Development, Psychology or a closely related field. Here are a list of universities with programs in this area. Get started today on your career path as a School Social Worker!