Education Requirements for Sociological Survey Researcher

The career path followed by most Sociologists is that of the Sociological Survey Researcher. You will be required to create surveys that employ a variety of communication techniques, approaches and interview processes. The goal is to gather as much relevant information as possible from the target population, aggregate the data, study it, cross check it with previous studies and arrive at a logical conclusion as to what the data tells your organization about the group you have surveyed.

This requires skills in: statistics, survey methodology, interview abilities, communication skills, research abilities and ability to establish rapport through written or verbal communication. Employers can range from being part of an academic research team, to non-profits, political action committees, fundraising groups, corporations, consulting firms and major political parties.

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These skills are all polished and augmented during the education process. Some employers will hire Bachelor level Sociologists directly out of school, however this is fairly rare. The majority of employers are looking for candidates that have earned at least their Master of Social Work degree. They will be looking for course work that emphasizes statistics, sociology survey methodology, communications, information technology and increasingly foreign languages and in particular Spanish due to demographic shifts.

The career of a Sociologist can be quite lucrative with very competitive salaries being offered to highly qualified candidates. It is worth considering earning your Doctorate in Sociology if you want to maximize your earning potential and be able to have greater choice in what employer you work for and the level at which you enter the organization.