Education Requirements to Become a Public Health Social Worker

The Public Health Social Worker performs a variety of functions in their community depending upon the role they play within their organization as well as the goals of that organization. In most cases the Public Health Social Worker will work as a researcher around epidemiological issues such as researching:
Patterns around Domestic Violence

  • Spread of HIV in certain populations
  • Understanding the ways in which Hepatitis C moves through populations
  • Drug addiction patterns
  • The birth control habits of sex trade workers

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There are many different areas in which a Public Health Social Worker might research public health interests. The key traits of a Public Health Social Worker are: research abilities, organizational abilities, understanding data, pattern recognition, creation of media to transmit findings and the ability to set up surveys and interview techniques that are effective with the populations surveyed.

These skills are all gained during your advanced degree education. You will want to have a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Public Health, Sociology or Social Work. If you want to ensure your employability and also increase your chances of being hired as well as promoting you will want to earn your Master’s degree in Social Work or Public Health. Some employers require that you are a licensed Social Worker which will require you to have your MSW and also meet the licensure requirements in your state.