Education Requirements To Become a Mental Health Nurse

For those who are interested in working with those who are suffering from chronic or mental health conditions, becoming a Mental Health Nurse can be an amazingly fulfilling career path. You will need many of the skills that are common throughout nursing such as: compassion, empathy, professional boundaries, and strong rapport building and communication skills. You will also do well to have an educational background that includes some mental health related classes.

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To become a Mental Health Nurse in most states you will need to have a least an Associate’s degree in nursing along with being certified or licensed to practice nursing in your state, the requirements of which vary from state to state. If you wish to have an increased chance of promotion and also increase your chances of finding a job in an ideal situation, it is wise to get a minimum of a Bachelor’s in Nursing. If you wish to move into a management position with a mental health organization, it is wise to continue your schooling until you have your Master’s degree or even Doctoral degree in Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing or a similar advanced nursing program with a degree concentration that emphasizes mental health.