Human Services Assistant Schools

Find the right school to become a human services assistant. There are a variety of options to move forward on this career path. Below are requirements that will point you in the direction to land a career as a Human Services Assistant. Have fun along the way and request information from a variety of programs to find your path.

Education Requirements for Human Services Assistant

The role of the Human or Social Services assistant is one of entry-level support in a variety of different contexts. This position is somewhat of a catchall for workers who assist senior Human Services professionals in everything from paper work, data entry and filing to direct care of clients. Often acting as the initial contact with clients, the Human Services Assistant needs to have strong communication, rapport building and organizational skills.

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In order to have the appropriate skill set it is wise to have earned a 4 year degree. While many employers will provide job descriptions that do not necessarily require a Bachelor’s degree, the increasingly competitive labor marketplace has created an environment where it is important to have a degree in order to catch employer’s eyes. In the case of the Human Services Assistant, you may be able to parlay an Associate’s degree into a job. Whether you go the 2 year Associate’s route to quickly enter the job market or the 4 year Bachelor’s route in order to have more flexibility and increased chance to move up in an organization, you will want to have one of the following degrees in Behavioral Sciences:

  • Human Services
  • Social Work
  • Sociology
  • Psychology
  • Counseling

If you stay in school and earn a 4 year degree you can apply for positions such as the Human Services Assistant and then once you have your foot in the door of an organization you will likely be able to quickly promote if you show initiative.