Education Requirements for Grant Writing

Grant Writing is a form of technical writing that requires that one have excellent writing, research and organizational skills. The ability to quickly assimilate new information, as well as to understand complex written directions are also talents that are at a premium in Grant Writing. A school offering classes in communication or the topics listed below are a good start your journey as a grant writer.

To make the most of your career in Grant Writing you will want to have a highly related degree such as:

  • Communication
  • English
  • Journalism
  • Communications
  • Advertising
    • You can find these degrees above in online and campus college programs across the country.

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While any of these degrees will be extremely useful and sufficient to gain employment as a Grant Writer it is always useful to have at least a minor in either English or Journalism to have top shelf writing skills. You may also wish to minor in a discipline that gives one insight into non-profits, large organizations or business. Any of these will help you to expand your skillset in terms of being able to better understand the needs and goals of employers. A Master’s degree is not a requirement to gain employment as a Grant Writer in most agencies; however it will give you a deeper and broader knowledge and skill base that you can draw upon during your career. It will also give you more choices in terms of employment as well as making your resume jump out to potential employers.