Education Requirements for Emergency Management Specialist

An emerging area of Human Services is that of Disaster or Emergency Management. As there is a scientific consensus around climate change with the expectation and increasingly realized result of severe weather fluctuation, there has been an increased demand by governments and societies to help mitigate the effects of large scale disasters. Also in the post 9/11 world there is an awareness of the potential for man-made disasters that also need to be responded to in a quick and efficient manner in order to minimize damage, casualties and chaos in the aftermath of a disaster.

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The Emergency Management Specialist occupation requires a very specialized educational and training background that involves and interdisciplinary approach to the management of people, leadership, utilization of resources and communication in order to effectively deal with the impact of disasters. This requires that one have an excellent academic background beginning with a Bachelor’s degree in Emergency Management. If you want to ensure that you are able to promote, have the highest possible knowledge base and honed aptitude, you will want to stay in school until you have earned at least your Master’s or even your Doctorate in Emergency Management. There are many trainings and certificates you can use to augment your degree as well such as those offered through the National Association of Safety Professionals.