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The human services sector is a vibrant and diverse field of work. On this page you will find descriptors about Human Services Education. We can help find a school within proximity or connect you with an accredited institution online. Either way, it never hurts to weigh your educational options. Good luck and enjoy your journey.

Finding Your Path

While the sector is growing at an excellent rate, the pool of workers looking to find employment in this field is also expanding. Due to the progressively competitive nature of this field, an advanced education is becoming a necessity. Even entry-level positions in this field are increasingly requiring a bachelor’s degree to simply secure an interview. Many positions require a master’s degree to meet the minimum qualifications of a job’s description. A great education can give you not only the on-paper requirements for a job, but also priceless training in and understanding of the career you choose to pursue. Regardless of what subsector or specialty you want to focus on, getting a quality education from an excellent school is an important first step.

There are several educational paths you can take to get the degree you will need for your career in human services. A number of degrees are fairly interchangeable with certain career paths. Some jobs, however, will require specific degree specialization and licensure.

  • Human Services Degree


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In most cases, a human services degree will take an interdisciplinary approach and combine knowledge from several disciplines. This could include aspects of sociology, criminal justice, health and human services, social work, and psychology. As a bachelor’s program, a human services degree is a good way to get a taste of several different specializations so you can make an educated decision about continuing with a master’s program. Within most programs, the student will chose an area of study upon which to focus. These areas could include:

As with all Bachelor of Science degrees, a human services degree will have additional core requirements in math, science and communications. It is also advisable to make room in one’s course load to take gain fluency in a foreign language, as this is a huge boon to one’s resume in the human services sector. A final consideration when looking at a degree in human services is that a master’s degree will probably require one to focus on a specific area of study such as Master of Social Work or Master of Psychology. While it is possible to get a master’s degree in human services, it is advisable to instead specialize in a more traditional and focused degree.

  • Social Work Degree

A degree in social work is an excellent academic choice if one wishes to go into the social work specialization of the human services sector. A Bachelor of Science in social work is an excellent step on the path of your career in social work. With a bachelor’s degree in social work, many doors will open for you, helping you to get started in your career. However, if you wish to really open up the myriad possibilities of careers in social work, you will want to get your Masters of Social Work. With this degree you can do anything from becoming a child welfare worker to getting your social work licensure and becoming a Licensed Clinical Social Worker specializing in a therapy practice. A Master of Social Work is one of the most valuable degrees one can attain among the various educational paths in the human services sector. Few other degrees give you the kind of versatility and options of a Master of Social Work.

  • Psychology Degree

A degree in psychology is both versatile and valuable if one wishes to work in the human services sector. A bachelor’s in psychology will open the door to almost any entry-level position within the human services field. With a master’s degree in psychology, one has even greater options. If one really wants to maximize their potential for understanding the discipline and also their earning potential, attaining a doctorate in psychology is an outstanding choice. From becoming a family, child or marriage counselor to being able to pursue a management position in the human services field, earning an advanced degree in psychology can be a smart decision.

Other Human Services Schools Which May Include:

  • Human Services Administration Degree

Human services is a vast sector that includes a broad range of disciplines, knowledge and skills focused on enhancing human well-being, both individually and collectively. The human services field is always in need of those who feel a call to leadership. Getting an education that gives you the knowledge and tools to help a human services organization perform at its highest level is a fantastic first step on your road to a wonderful career in human services administration. Many degree programs will include an emphasis on developing abilities in the areas of program planning, evaluation, leadership, supervision and decision making. As this degree concentration focuses on working within a leadership position, a master’s degree is going to be required in virtually all administrative positions.

Attaining a degree in human services administration-related field will offer you a variety of challenging and rewarding positions in administration. As is usually the case, administrators are very well paid for their services, making a degree in human services administration a lucrative degree to attain.

How to Find the Right Education Program

A variety of components go into making a decision about what school and program to enroll in. The first and most important factor is finding a degree concentration that helps you maximize your natural talents and abilities. Once you’ve zeroed in on your degree of choice, the next decision involves finding a school that meets your needs. For many, location of the school is a key factor driving their decision.

Increasingly, as part of the information revolution, students are choosing to attain their degrees through online programs. The flexibility offered by taking classes online is second to none. Students can often tailor courses in terms of when they take classes, study and take tests in a way standard brick-and-mortar universities cannot provide. With our busy 21st century lifestyles, sometimes this flexibility is critical to the fulfillment of our needs. Here is a link to our database of online universities.


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