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Human Services Education in New Jersey

Part of the Mid-Atlantic region and an economic powerhouse, New Jersey is a great state to live and one that has tremendous need for human services workers. With its large urban areas that include universities, school systems, hospitals, corporations, non-profits and government agencies, New Jersey has many human services jobs it needs to fill. You might wish to help at-risk youth as a juvenile court liaison or school social worker. Some would rather work as a marriage and family therapist helping couples mend their marriage. Regardless of what career appeals to you, there are many ways you can help New Jersey as a well-educated human services worker.

Making a decision about your career is one of the most important choices you will ever make. It is a decision that is worthy of careful consideration and research. We have created a resource here at that will facilitate you in making an informed decision about your career in the human services field. Within our section on career overviews, you will find a variety of information including: job description, salary ranges, impact of the job on individuals and society and also the educational and licensure requirements. You will find a sample of some of the jobs available in New Jersey below, along with the level of education required to enter that career.

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Once you have earned your Bachelor’s degree from a New Jersey university or college human services program, you will be able to apply for work in the following positions:

  • Certified Social Worker (Bachelor of Social Work from a CSWE accredited program)
    • Each state has its own laws and regulations around licensure. You can find a detailed breakdown of the requirements for New Jersey here:
  • New Jersey Substance Abuse Counselor (Bachelor of Sociology, Social Work or Psychology)
    • New Jersey has its own set of rules around certification for Addiction Counseling which you can learn about on the state website here:
  • Child Life Specialist (Bachelor of Science; Child Life Specialist)
    • You can learn more about this career from one of the many hospitals that employ Child Life Specialists in New Jersey Barnabas Health:
  • Rehabilitation Case Worker (Bachelor of Social Work, Sociology, Psychology)
    • A career in Rehabilitation Case Work is a noble one where you help people to discover their own strengths and overcome perceived barriers in order to find employment. There are many career opportunities in this field through the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation:
  • Community Outreach worker (Bachelor of Social Work, Sociology, Psychology)
  • Gerontology Specialist (Bachelor of Science; Gerontology)
    • Gerontology Workers or Specialists help the Elderly with day to day tasks, to stay connected with their peers and families, gain access to community resources and also to ensure that they are able to deal with the emotional challenges of aging. You can learn more about this career and similar ones in Gerontology here at the New Jersey Division of Aging Services:
  • Case Management Aide (Bachelor of Social Work, Sociology, Psychology)
  • Juvenile Court Liaison (Bachelor of Social Work, Sociology, Psychology or Criminal
    • If you feel called to embark on a career in Criminal Justice then you will likely want to take some time to study the Department of Corrections website for New Jersey which you can find here:
  • Behavioral Management Aide (Bachelor of Social Work, Sociology, Psychology)
    • New Jersey is the most densely populated state in the nation and hosts over 483 school districts. Within many of them are children who need adults to help counsel them so they can heal their emotional issues and become ready to focus their attention fully on their education. The New Jersey Department of Education is an excellent resource for those who wish to go into this career path:
  • Probation Officer (Bachelor of Sociology, Social Work, Psychology or Criminal Justice)

If you decide to continue your studies until you graduate with a Master’s degree from a New Jersey college or university Human Services program, you will have eligibility for some of the following positions:

  • Licensed Social Worker (Master of Social Work from a CSWE accredited school)
  • Clinical Social Worker (Master of Social Work from a CSWE accredited school + field experience)
    • Both licensed Social Work positions can learn about licensure requirements in New Jersey here:
  • Marriage and Family Therapist (Master’s in Counseling, Psychology or Marriage and Family Therapy)
  • School Social Worker (Master of Social Work)
  • Social and community service manager (Masters in Business Administration, Social Work, Psychology or Sociology)
  • Child welfare case manager (Masters in Business Administration, Social Work, Psychology or Sociology)

If you feel called to teach the subject you love, then you will want to earn your doctorate. By attaining your Ph.D. many career opportunities will present themselves. From a career in academia, to joining the executive team in a non-profit and opening your own private mental health practice, there are endless career opportunities once you have a doctorate in your field. You also will demand a top salary and have status as an expert in your field when you have attained your Ph.D. While the road to a doctorate requires tremendous effort and energy, the benefits you achieve from persevering are many.

All journeys begin with a first step. When it comes to your education, you must know what your end goal is before you make any decisions. To help you determine a career that is a great fit for you, we have provided a database of job overviews that will give you detailed information on a variety of the most common jobs in human services. Within it you will find data on salary ranges, job descriptions, educational requirements, and the job’s impact on society. In addition you will learn about any additional licensure requirements. Armed with this information, you will be able to find a job that closely matches your interests and talents. Once you know what your educational needs are, you will be able to browse our section on schools. Within our school database you will find schools both online and located in New Jersey that have accredited programs to meet all your educational needs. When you have selected a school that is a good fit for you, it is a good idea to contact the school directly and find out about their individual application process. If you are interested in a career that requires advanced licensure, you will want to keep in mind that you may be required to have field experience. Planning your post-graduate employment is a good idea if you wish to attain advanced licensure.