New Hampshire

Social Work Licensure in New Hampshire

New Hampshire is a picturesque New England state with a rich history and tremendous natural beauty. As one of the original 13 colonies, New Hampshire has a long and fascinating history. It also is one of the top ski destinations in the Northeast. New Hampshire is also a great state to start your licensed Social Work career in. It is important to remember that there can always be updates or changes to a state’s rules and regulations. Remember, that the best way to stay informed with current regulations is the state’s website on licensure. Here is the website for the State of New Hampshire:

There is only one kind of social work license in New Hampshire: the Clinical Social Worker (CSW).

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Clinical Social Worker (CSW)

    • To become a Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in New Hampshire, you must first get your Master of Social Work degree or Doctorate of Social Work from a Council on Social Work Education accredited university or college.
    • To attain your license, you will need to log 3,000 hours supervised clinical Social Work practice after you have your degree.
    • You must then receive a passing score on an Association of Social Workers ASWB Clinical Level Exam. You must also pass the State of New Hampshire Board of Mental Health Practice Essay Exam.
    • Once you pass the tests you will be eligible to receive your new title of Clinical Social Worker in the state of New Hampshire.
    • To renew your license, you must have successfully completed 40 contact hours of continuing education.