Doctorate in Human Services

For those interested in truly exploring the depth of knowledge and expertise available in the Human Services degree track, the ultimate achievement is the Doctorate of Human Services. By staying with your education until you have completed your Ph.D. you will find that the full range of career possibilities in Human Services become available to you. From mid-level and advanced positions in Human Services organizations to Administration and Academic positions teaching future generations of Human Services professionals you will be able to plug into any Human Services organization with a Ph.D. No other degree will give you the expertise, instant recognition, prestige, flexibility and earning power. If you want to be on the cutting edge of your field, you will want to earn your Doctorate in Human Services.

In recent years the trend in America has been towards an increasingly mobile and well-educated workforce. This is due in no small part to the response of many to losing their livelihoods during the recent economic downturn. Those who lost work often decided that they wanted to go back to school in order to gain an advanced degree, often in an entirely new field or specialty. Due to these sea changes in the workforce, it is now imperative to earn an advanced degree if you wish to enter into the upper echelons of your field. This is just as true in Human Services as any other field. As demand is expected to grow for more Human Services sector jobs, so too there will be a need for more experts in the field to act as Administrators, researchers and as Professors training new Human Services professionals in order to meet the demand that accompany the massive demographic shift of Baby Boomers retiring and drawing upon additional Human Services. Many professionals have gone back to school and earned their Master’s degrees in response to the economic crisis and for those who really wish to stand out from their peers it becomes clear that a Doctorate in Human Services is the best way to catch the eyes of employers as the best potential candidate for a given position

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For those who are interested in joining leadership teams getting your Doctorate in Human Services Leadership is the best educational path. With a specialized focus on administration the Ph.D. in Human Services Leadership, will give the knowledge and skillset to immediately make a positive impact in any directorship position within Human Services or Non-profit organizations. If you are interested in becoming a Professor that trains the next generation of Human Services professionals you will want to have a generalized Doctorate in Human Services in order to have the full breadth of information on Human Services available to you as part of your educational background allowing you to draw upon that knowledge as part of your own curriculum you create for your students.

Once you have earned your Ph.D. in Human Services you will have access to the full range of potential Human Services positions, which will include but are not limited to:

  • Public Administrator
  • Non-Profit Director
  • Social and Community Service Manager
  • Social Work Administrator
  • Human Services Administrator
  • Professor of Human Services
  • Child Welfare Permanency Worker
  • Child Welfare Case Worker

Having your Ph.D. in Human Services will grant you the ability to find a career niche within almost any Human Services agency, become a professor at a university teaching Human Services or move directly into a leadership or directorship position at virtually any Human Services agency or Non-profit. No other Human Services degree grants you this amount of flexibility, expert status, prestige and ability to command a top salary. It is crucial that as you plan your academic career that you understand what is required to gain entry in Master’s and Doctoral programs. To have the appropriate understanding of pre-requisites you will need to research a variety of programs and universities to find the ideal program to meet your needs. There is no substitute for taking the time to research and contact a variety of schools and programs to ensure that you have an optimal outcome from your education. At the higher levels of degree attainment this is of the utmost importance.