Human Services Education in Arkansas

With its capital of Little Rock boasting a population of only 200,000, Arkansas is a small state, but one that still has tremendous need for well-educated Human Services Workers. Whether you are working in Little Rock as a Marriage and Family Therapist, or being a Family Services Worker through the State of Arkansas, there are many Human Services jobs to choose from. From the Arkansas school system, to hospitals, to corporate opportunities and government agencies, there are many organizations that need skilled, educated and talented workers to fulfill functions that help Arkansas as a state.

Few decisions in your life will have more impact than that of choosing your career track. This is a decision that will shape your life in many ways and as such should be made in the most informed manner possible. Our job at is to help you understand what careers in Human Services are available out there and what educational and licensure requirements will be required to realize your career goals. Our database of jobs, educational programs and state licensure laws will help you to fully understand not only what careers in Human Services are available, but also what educational choices you will need to make in order to realize your full potential.

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There are many useful degrees to attain in Human Services depending on what your career goals are. From a Bachelor of Social Work to a Doctorate in Psychology, there are many options that will lead you to very different outcomes. To help illustrate what programs you might want to explore at Arkansas State, or the University of Arkansas or another college or university we have compiled a list of some of the job titles you will be able to attain based on different degrees.

If you hold a Bachelor degree in a Human Services field, you are eligible to work in the following positions in Arkansas:

  • Arkansas Substance Abuse Counselor (Bachelor of Sociology, Social Work or Psychology)
  • Probation officer (Bachelor of Sociology, Social Work, Psychology or Criminal Justice)
  • Rehabilitation case worker (Bachelor of Social Work, Sociology, Psychology)
    • Here is a related job listing with Arkansas DHS
  • Community outreach worker (Bachelor of Social Work, Sociology, Psychology)
  • Licensed Social Worker (Bachelor of Social Work from CSWE accredited school)
    • If you are interested in becoming a Licensed Social Worker, you can read our page on licensure laws in Arkansas.
  • Behavioral management aide (Bachelor of Social Work, Sociology, Psychology)
  • Case Management Aide, Substance Abuse Counselor (Bachelor of Sociology, Social Work or Psychology)
    • Both of these jobs will have opportunities in the private sector through non-profits and Healthcare companies as well as in the State government tending to fall under the Department of Human Services, check here.
  • Juvenile court liaison (Bachelor of Social Work, Sociology, Psychology or Criminal Justice)

With a Master’s in a Human Services field, you can qualify for the following positions. This is in addition to those listed under Bachelor’s degree (depending on field experience and licensing requirements):

  • Marriage and family therapist (Master’s in Counseling, Psychology or Marriage and Family Therapy)
  • Social and community service manager (Masters in Business Administration, Social Work, Psychology or Sociology)
  • Licensed Master Social Worker (Master of Social Work from a CSWE accredited school)
  • Licensed Certified Social Worker (Master of Social Work from a CSWE accredited school + field experience)
  • Child welfare case manager (Masters in Business Administration, Social Work, Psychology or Sociology)

If you want to become a recognized expert in your field and have access to the full range of possibilities for your career, you may want to consider getting your Doctorate. Having a Ph.D. is a huge boon to your employment prospects. In addition to all the jobs listed above you also would be able to choose a career in academia teaching new generations of Human Services workers and having a hugely positive impact on the state of Arkansas. With a Doctorate in Psychology you could also open a private practice. Regardless of your career goals, earning your Ph.D. is challenging, but some will feel the call to attain the height of education in their field.

To being your journey towards a career in Human Services you will want to first decide what your ultimate career goals are. Using our database of careers, and understanding the educational and licensing requirements for your career is an important first step. With our in-depth research on licensure for all 50 states, along with our career profiles, is a goldmine of information to help you plan your career. For many careers you will need to not only make a plan of action for your education, but also map out the required field experience for an advanced Human Services license. Being thorough in your research is a key step in planning your future and we are here to help you with your goals.

After finding the career arc that best fits your talents and aspirations you will want to contact the appropriate school in Arkansas and make sure their program is properly accredited. Be sure to contact your school’s registrar as different schools have different application processes. In most cases you will need to apply for school programs several months in advance. We wish you the best of luck in finding the career of your dreams.