Human Services Education in Alabama

With approximately ¼ of the state’s population, the Birmingham-Hoover metropolitan area boasts a population of 1.1 million residents. With its numerous schools, hospitals and government agencies, the Birmingham metro area has tremendous opportunities for the Human Services worker. There are several other cities in Alabama that also have need for properly educated Human Services workers as well. The opportunities for employment in Alabama are plentiful if one has the proper education.

In addition to opportunities for the Human Services worker, the state of Alabama also has a need for these workers to make sure its residents have their needs met and helping its citizens reach their life goals through the help of Human Services workers. Human Services workers have a tremendous impact on the residents of Alabama. Whether they are helping young adults find their way to the career of their dreams by acting in the capacity of a Vocational Counselor to helping people with substance abuse problems regain control of their lives, the Human service worker helps make Alabama a better place to live.

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Depending on your degree concentration there are a variety of careers you can pursue in Human Services. For example, if you earn a Bachelor of Social work degree, you are eligible to apply to become a Licensed Baccalaureate of Social Work, a career with tremendous opportunities to help your fellow citizens of Alabama.

With a Bachelor of Social Work degree you can do the following jobs in Alabama:

  • Behavioral management aide
  • Case management aide
  • Community outreach worker
  • Juvenile court liaison
  • Probation officer
  • Rehabilitation case worker
  • Licensed Baccalaureate of Social Work

With a Master of Social Work degree from an Alabama Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) accredited school you can work at the following jobs in addition to those listed under Bachelor of Social Work (depending on experience and licensing):

  • Licensed Graduate Social Worker
  • Licensed Certified Social Worker
  • Private Independent Practice Social Worker
  • Child welfare case manager
  • Marriage and family therapist
  • Social and community service manager

With a Doctorate of Social Work you are eligible to work in all of the above jobs and also be able to attain a job teaching future generations of Social Workers at some of the great colleges and universities of Alabama.

The first step toward entering a human services education program in Alabama is to identify what career path you want to take. For instance whether you want to earn a Master of Social Work degree vs a Doctorate in Psychology. Both give tremendous opportunities. You can take advantage of the research and databases here at to help you make an informed choice on the career you wish to pursue and the education that will be required. Once you have found a career and know the educational requirements you can find a school in Alabama that meets your unique needs. Then you will need to apply with the school directly, you will also need to fill out a FAFSA application if you wish to have student financial aid. You can find information about FAFSA here: